Bowel movement issues? 5 remedies to beat it!

It is often observed that during a dieting phase a person may suffer from bowel discomfort. That may be constipation, indigestion, loose motions, etc. The causes are not confined to only diet, but various other factors like stress, lifestyle change, micronutrient deficiency, fiber deficiency, less rest etc. contribute to such discomfort. Below are few remedies which will be quite helpful in addressing most of these issues:


  • Try to have good amount of fibers during a dieting phase. Fibers add density to the stool and also increase the frequency. But if you are constipated then avoid adding more amount of fiber as that may worsen the condition. (1)

  • Keep yourself hydrated all the time. Drink minimum 5-6 liters of water. Consumption of less water also contributes to hardening of stool. (2), (3)

  • Include curd in your diet it has probiotic properties and also help in maintaining good health of intestine and gut flora. (4)

  • Some herbs and spices also are helpful like hing, fennel, cardamom, ginger are good for digestion.
    The Ayurveda Encyclopedia by Sada Shiva Tirtha

  • Fasting, moderate exercise, body movement, Yoga, and mental stimulation also help in providing relief during such condition.


Article Credits – Suraj Ray


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