Party smart this festive season!


Holidays around and too many parties to attend? We find ourselves with too many obligations an immense number of food options and can be under a challenging situation to decide what to eat and what not to eat in any party or social gathering. Right?

So as the holidays approach, it’s much needed to foresee and make a plan.

Many people set their minds to all or nothing:  “either I’m going to be on a diet or I’m totally off-diet.” This “either-or” line of thought is not going to help and can lead to negativity, and being stubborn for small indulgences is not really needed.

Here are few tips for smartly partying during the festive season:


  • Fall for people, not for food


Although food is the essential part of the festive season, try to focus more on spending time with friends and family, fun and laughter. You can also educate your family and friends to eat healthy and stay healthy.


  • Choose luxury:


Avoid the stuff that you can have anytime of the year and save your food luxuries for the treats or gatherings that you can have once in a year or less often.


  • Control food and portions: How?


Use smaller plates and serving utensils that can help in filling the plate with less food.

Stay more than arm length distance away from easy to grab snacks like chips or cookies which can help in reducing the calorie intake and can save you for other delicious food.

Order a less calorie meal if you are at a restaurant or eat less food and pack the remaining food.


  • ‘F’ for Fiber and ‘F’ for Full


Never go empty stomach to a party or a meal gathering. Always fill your tank with fiber rich foods like leafy green veggies and little amount of grains, quality protein and some healthy fat.

Protein and fiber rich food keeps you full and more satiated.


  • 1234 Get on to the floor:


Holiday can be busy with family and friends but this isn’t the time to skip the exercise. Plan a short (at least 20-30 mins) yet intense workout every day during the holiday season.

Dancing is also a great way to burn calories, get on the dance floor if you have people to join you.


Avoiding parties during the festival season becomes impossible and enjoying with friends, food, music makes everyone happy and difficult to stick to a strict routine. Follow these simple tips, and maintain a healthy lifestyle during these parties too! And yes, don’t worry if you just give in to your cravings and indulge into something you didn’t plan on taking. You can make up to it with healthy eating from the next day! ☺

Happy healthy partying!

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Nikhil Kassetty

Fitness and Nutrition Expert

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