Right Footwear – The Most Ignored Aspect!




In India where 70% of population resides in villages, people hardly feel the need of wearing any type of shoe, let alone thinking about the right type. Even in urban areas you will often find people removing shoes / slippers outside their homes & stay barefoot. Those who wear it, their prime objective is to cover & protect the feet. These things clearly show that the most neglected aspect of our lives is SHOES.



COMMON PERSPECTIVE: How does it matter?  

You know, that’s not the correct thought process because it does matter. Nowadays this is a science in itself. We have devices that measure our foot pressure points and on the basis of that it recommends you the right kind of shoe. Selection of right shoes is in fact as important as selection of your life partner. No no, i am not kidding! One wrong decision means you are inviting trouble for yourself. Right shoes give you stability, better grip on things, correct posture, cushioning, support & comfort for happy healthy feet.. In fact, happy and healthy feet are the very foundation of well-being. More importantly, poorly fitted shoes can be painful and debilitating leading to variety of foot disorders like blisters, calluses, bunions, hammer toes, circulation problems etc.


You must have heard different types of shoes for different activities are always advised by experts. For walking or jogging you have a particular pair of shoes, similarly depending on the sport you play and the type of movements involved your shoe varies. Just to illustrate, most basketball players wear high top shoes because high top shoes provides added ankle support. Similarly, shoe specification for badminton is different from football & running again has different variants such as:

  • Motion control shoes: Motion control footwear emphasis on medial (inside support) support by having dual density midsoles, roll bars or footbridge. This medial support slows the rate of over pronation (is the way the foot rolls inward when you walk and run. It’s part of the natural movement that helps the lower leg deals with the shock).
  • Stability Shoes: Stability footwear combines cushioning features and support feature into its design.
  • Cushioned Shoes: Cushioned footwear emphasizes on enhanced shock dispersion in its midsole and/or outsole design. Many shoes companies add specially designed material to the heel and forefoot area to enhance the cushioning property of the shoe i.e. air, gel, hydro flow etc.

While most of us are not professional athletes and we enjoy our preferred sports on casual basis, this doesn’t mean that we can afford to overlook the importance of having the right type of footwear. The truth is that if you do not have the right type of footwear, you could put yourself at risk of getting injured. Your shoes are significant to your feet, as your feet are always hitting ground hard while walking or jumping. This may cause lot of wear and tear in the foot tendon and ligament as well as bones owing to shock absorption.

Thus, wearing good shoes is an imperative for everyone.


~Alka Rao Yadav