The Protein shake fear

Ever since fitness and body building has been around, protein shakes have been a subject undergoing intense study and mass speculation. And when it comes to women and protein shakes, the fear is even greater.

Let’s not go off-road from our topic and quickly check out some facts about whey protein-

Whey – A drug?

First of all, there is a huge ambiguity on whey protein being a drug or a steroid.
Whey protein is just a byproduct of milk. Similarly, there are soy or egg albumin proteins. It’s the entire process of extraction and quality of amino (proteins) that make it costly. Its just as safe as having milk,soy or eggs, only a little better.

When should we add whey?
It is added when one is not able to complete his/her protein requirement from the solid food items .You cannot ask a vegetarian guy with a protein requirement of 200 gms to practically eat 1 kg of paneer , daily, if the diet says so. Whey protein comes handy as a healthy source of protein.

Workout Vs. Whey

I don’t work out, so do I really need to have whey protein? – Another common and a frequently asked query.
Having a whey protein is irrespective of your workout regime. If your budget allows one can surely have it to meet his protein needs.

Whey protein – Within 5 minutes of your workout?
Another myth. If you are on a structured and quantified diet, you don’t really need to worry about having a whey protein immediately after your workout, although it’s a good practice to have it post workout. You can have it any other time, make sure you complete your daily calorie requirement, you won’t lose a pack of muscles! (check out the below research for reference)

Women and Whey protein

I am a woman, I don’t want to look giant with muscles, can I avoid whey?
Well , having whey is an individual’s choice, however, it won’t make you muscular either! The protein requirement for a female is a bit low, whether untrained or trained as compared to men. But one can definitely have whey protein, irrespective of his/her gender, without worrying about any side effects of it. (Unless one has bought some non-genuine product ).

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