10 Exercises For the Most Demotivated

 Demotivated? Always feeling lazy when it comes to working out? If being a couch potato seems to appeal most to you, and you are looking for the easiest way to get a bit of fitness in, well, don’t worry,  here are some quick exercises that you can easily perform anywhere, for any duration, and with anyone (or without company too). What you gain? Shake off some of that laziness and get some adrenaline pumping! What you lose? Some calories. And some calories lost are better than none lost!


  • SIT-UPS  Sit ups are the most easy exercises you can do on your feet, in a park, on your living room floor, or even when you don’t want to get out of bed! Sit ups work on abdominal muscles and your core. Do you know that sit-ups for 15 minutes can burn upto 100 calories?


  • JUMP A LITTLE FASTER Sitting idle? Get up and start jumping at one place, slowly first and a little faster. Eventually as fast as you can. This will work as a brilliant cardio workout and burn a good amount of calories. It also strengthens and tones your legs muscles majorly.


  • DANCE This is for those who feel bored with the idea of going to the gym and doing the same ol’ stuff with weights and ropes and whatnots. Put on your favourite sound track instead and dance to the beats, freestyle and for as long as you’d like to! Dancing can change your mood and burn calories at the same time. Dance is also a brilliant stress buster for many. If you like dancing, join a Zumba, bokawa, or aerobics. Dancing for 30 min can burn approx. 150-200cal. Zumba in particular, can be quite stimulating. Take a look at this article Putting the Fun Back in Fitness to know more about the benefits of choosing Zumba.


  • SUMMER SWIM Summers are here and what’s better than beating the heat and burning calories – at the same time! Make the most of the summer season and go for swim sessions. You’ll enjoy swimming once you learn free floating and a few basic strokes. Swimming is good for whole body workout it increases your endurance and improves cardio vascular health.


  • CYCLING When it comes to buying a cycle, there’s no need to think twice. If you are demotivated to do ‘workouts’ and ‘exercises,’ then the cycle is your new best friend for fitness. Wake up and feel that cold breeze of spring while cycling. Or, take a quick spin at any time of the day you’re feeling dull and bored. Combine it with a visit to the market and the women in your house will bless you. Believe me, it is a good fresh start to your day if you do it in the morning, and it is a good exercise for core and legs.


  • SQUAT-SKIP-PLANK Here’s one for the slightly more adventurous. Make a circuit of squat-skipping rope-plank (30 seconds of each exercise) and do this for 90 seconds continuously. At the end of 90 seconds, you should have completed at least 30 squats, 30 skips, and 30 seconds of holding the plank. Repeating this circuit twice will give you 3 whole minutes of high intensity exercise. Play some good music while you perform this circuit. This is a good exercise for your core, legs, and the lower body.


  • BADMINTON When we were kids, we used to play almost all manners of sports. Badminton was my personal favourite. Grab a partner and play badminton. You could play it after your evening tea, or even post dinner. What a refreshment a badminton game will be with your kids or your friends!


  • YOGA Yoga is not just for energizing your body – it energizes your mind as well. Start your day with yoga, if you can. Include few stretches, surya-namaskars (sun salutation), and some basic asanas and it will improve your flexibility, improve blood circulation, and calm down your nerves. No need to lace up and drag yourself to the gym. Do it on a plush carpet in the comforts of your home!


  • PILATES Pilates is a hot trend nowadays. Pilates is fun and it improves your balance, concentration, and works on muscle strength equally well. Every one including celebs are learning and endorsing Pilates these days. If you easily get bored at the gym doing same exercises over and over again, it’s time you break the monotony and try Pilates.


  • WATER AEROBICS WOW! The name seems different and exciting, doesn’t it? It is certainly something that couch potatoes should think about, because nothing can be farthest from the couch and more invigorating than this. Water aerobics is for all ages and genders. This sort of workout has been famous in the US for some years now, and they have quite a few studios which conduct water aerobics classes. Check out if this facility is available in your city. It is a good fun way to burn a considerable amount of calories and enjoy dancing in water. Trust me, you’ll soon be dancing your weight and your woes away, and be well on track with your fitness goals!


So, a tiny spot of laziness or a mammoth of demotivation, whatever is bugging you, the easiest way to shirk it off is to go slow and steady until you overcome each mental and physical block.

But the point is to –

  1. Get up on your feet
  2. Start kicking that negativity and laziness
  3. Keep it going

So what are you waiting for?


Article Credits – Dr. Namrata Ghushar

Namrata Ghushar

Namrata Ghushar

Hi I am Dr Namrata Ghushar . I am a General physician (BHMS), certified in (DNYS). I have 2 years experience in health and fitness. This expertise enables me not just in diagnosing and treating but also giving a precautionary healthy lifestyle. Having over 200+ transformations' in a wide array of lifestyle disorders my profile specialises in PCOS,Thyroid, Cholesterol,obesity reversal. I always consider thorough study of lifestyle disorders while I plan any nutrition chart. Thus,it not only makes you fit but also helps in getting rid of these conditions. I come to you with an assurance of keeping your health is in safe hands with me. My own transformation made me believe that life could be better with science of nutrition and I am extending the same hands to you. Join me in your journey for a healthier lifestyle and a fit body that makes you feel better than ever!