Broccoli Chicken Schezwan Patties

Ingredients :-

– Chicken 100 grams boneless

– Broccoli 100 grams finely chopped
– a little ginger garlic paste
– 1 tsp chings schezwan chutney
– Chilly flakes
– himalayan pink salt or any table salt
– 1tbsp ghee
– 1tbsp psyllium husk



– Add a tiny amounts of ghee in a pan.

– Sautè broccoli. Add a tbsp or two of water and cook closed for 5-7 mins

– Now to minced chicken add the broccoli and all of the above ingredients except husk.

– Roll it in husk and bake in preheated heated oven at 200°C, with the tbsp of ghee for 10 mins.


~Poonam Maria Prem