5 Nutrition facts which are unknown!

Legend has it since the time bodybuilding and scientific methodology is around, so is her infamous cousin “Bro – science” as well. Today we are here with couple of such bro-science myths popular in our society and bust her out with facts backed with studies.

1.) Eggs: A cholesterol havoc

To start this series of breaking myths and portraying facts, the first one on my list is the infamous villainous eggs and their cholesterol saga. Let me break an egg for you, it is the most nutritious food you can add to your diet which is loaded with class A protein and good dietary fat. A study has stated that there is no direct connection between eggs intake and coronary heart diseases. So next time you have plan to break an egg, Break two.

2.) Supplements are must Bro!

Well you might have heard it very often, “Bro working out regularly but no gains? Do you take supplement? – No! Well you should take supplements. They are a must for the gains Bro?” ~Bro Science.
No they are not, as the name states the supplements are things added to complete something, by definition. A supplement can never replace a well-planned diet filled with natural food items. Having said that supplements have their own place and purpose, for an example a person with special food considerations, like allergies which make certain food off-limits, might need a supplement.

3.) Protein intake, how much is too much?

Well, we all know protein is good. It is an all-time favorite macronutrient of bodybuilders and strength athletes, but it is also essential to understand how much protein is enough to build muscle, is it 2.2 gms/kg or 1 gms/lbs of your body weight. A study says eating 0.82 gm/lbs or 1.8 gms/kg is good limit at which protein intake can benefits a body composition. Even against the objections like will this be enough when we are cutting or training harder, yes the above mentioned limit is more than enough to get you the desired results. Even in the case of experienced bodybuilders this limit is sufficient, as the protein requirement is less for them compared to novice bodybuilders. You can eat more protein as per your personal preference but whatever is excessive will be used for energy. Kindly go through this article for further elaboration on this topic.

4.) Fats are bad?

When busting myths, how can’t we leave this one untouched. One more villain “fat” or “dietary fat”, whether it is bad or not. Well definitely fats are loaded with twice the calories compared to carbohydrates and lets just keep the discussion topic of trans fats and saturated fats aside, fat are excellent energy source and has shown significant results when it comes to weight loss diets for obese. Additionally, high fat diets keep you satiated, free from hunger pangs and over eating. Also high fat diet does wonders for group of people with insulin resistance complications and suffering from Type II diabetes.

5.) Meals frequency, does it matter?

One more myth, if you want to maximize the fat loss have small meals at small intervals thorough out the day, well that is just a bull crap. Recently studies have shown the frequent meals have no effect on fat burning process, not to mention it is highly inconvenient for majority of the people. You can always break up your food in 2-3 big meals as long as you are hitting your macros number.