5 Things you should know about Ayurveda



  • Main Objective of Ayurveda.

Promotion and preservation of health and well-being in a Healthy person, and treatment of the person if he falls sick. Now you know from where the term “Prevention is better than cure” comes.



  • Ayurveda Is not Vegetarian Science.

This is a common misconception among people that Ayurveda is Veg, this is completely wrong. In fact in many diseases it is recommended for a patient to have Fish or Chicken in the diet.



  • Importance to Life Style.

Ayurveda gives top most importance to life style, according to Ayurveda many diseases that a person suffers from are because of wrong life lifestyle, and altering it will treat the disease.



  • Treating the Cause rather than only the symptom.


Ayurveda believes in treating the root cause of the disease along with the symptoms of the disease. Eg. If a person suffering from acidity, rather than just popping a tablet for reducing the acidity, the treatment is directed towards the cause of acidity so that it cannot revert back.



  • Change of Lifestyle according to change in Seasons.

The change in climate has equal effect on the human body so according to change in climate the dietary habits and lifestyle should be altered accordingly.

-Dr. Aniketh Jadhav.