5 things you should know about Cinnamon!


  • Blood sugar control:

Did you know that a pinch of cinnamon powder added with each meal can keep the insulin spike down considerably?

Yes, it is a super food for those diabetic patients who deals with daily roller coaster rides of insulin level and relay on medications to take care of it. However, it is advised that such practice for diabetic patients should be best practiced under a proper supervision.


  • Anti-oxidant properties:

 Cinnamon extracts are said to be one of the best anti-oxidant (ability to avoid chemical reactions in body that causes free radicals).


  • Anti-clotting properties:

Researches says that cinnamaldehyde, an oil extract from cinnamon may help in stopping blood clot formation more than required.


  • Improves fat loss:

A regular flavoring of meals and healthy snack can add further edge to your insulin control which in result can take care of unnecessary spike hence avoiding the chances of fat storage and a better lipid profile.


  • Medication usages since ages:

 Did you know there are two major varieties of cinnamon, cassia cinnamon (China) and Ceylon cinnamon (Sri lanka) used by our ancestors for centuries. Cinnamon has been considered for its powerful medicinal properties by Chinese and also used in ayurvedic medicines for curing diabetes and cold.



Author Credits  – Vinodh Vaitheeswaran



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