A Transformation That Holds More Than What Meets The Eye – Find Out How This Mother Discovered Her Strength And Vanquished Her Weakness Forever!

For nothing but Strength.

The story of one woman’s victory over weakness.

2017. Australia. A woman walked across a bridge in the rain, carrying her 1-year old child. She was heavy set, though not obese, but her child weighing 7 kgs cradled in her arms, slowed her considerably. A sudden squall caught her off guard on the 800 m long bridge, and she tried to hurry herself and her baby to shelter. But she wasn’t fast enough. Or strong enough to carry her child and run.

They got drenched. And her baby fell sick. And what she was left with was a profound sense of loss – the loss of strength and self-confidence.


Turning points

Deepti Upadhyay’s story is perhaps that of any other mother who has realized the need to do something to prioritize their own health. Like many of the struggling women out there, she too had her share of medical issues (PCOD, thyroid, and a single functioning ovary, which made conceiving difficult to begin with). She too, yearned for the blessing of motherhood and tried everything to get her body fit to carry the her little child within her (gym, treadmill, ‘dieting’). And like others, she too met disappointment a good number of times. She wasn’t obese, but the best nutritionist in town and the most expensive gym couldn’t turn things around for her.

“I then decided to be fit – not for me, but for my family; not to look good, but to be strong.”

Ask Deepti today, and she credits her SQUATS mentor Matin Shaikh for turning her life around. Being with SQUATS had already started making her aware of certain basic fitness concepts like ‘Quantified Nutrition,’ and ‘Clean Eating.’ The rest of the motivation and guidance came from Matin, who, over 12 weeks, built up her self confidence and gave her the tools she needed to build that strength she craved.

Today, her mentor isn’t just ‘a mentor’ for her. “He is a life saviour, a friend, a wonderful person.”

But what makes Deepti’s story stand out?

It is her ability to lift herself up and keep going. Her focus on building strength, more than anything else. Strength to combat that defeating weakness that she had felt on the bridge that day, carrying her child in the pouring rain. Today she has defeated that weakness and proudly states:

“What I have achieved: I walk everyday 5Km holding my 10KG baby because she hates to sit on the stroller.”

Bonus? “I’m the one who looks like a college kid among all my team mates (wink!)”

What Diet? What Workout?


Again, this is a testament to determination and mental strength. Deepti didn’t feel the need to count every calorie, weigh every gram. Today she doesn’t even follow any strict diet pattern! Then how did she manage, you ask? Simple – by being aware of her body and eating what she needs, not wants. Well, if it helps, she does keep her carbs low and her protein on point in general. She works out 7 (yes, all of them) days a week, targeting every muscle twice a week, and doing HIIT on 1 day.

Deepti’s Secret Formula

Is that her formula for success then? No, it is just her formula for enjoyment, and that is what makes it a success. In her own words –

“…going to gym everyday is not what I need to do, this is what I just do like eating, breathing or any other daily activity…because that is my happy place.”

Fitmag congratulates Deepti Upadhyay on her wonderful transformation, and hopes that she will move from strength to strength and conquer every storm that life may bring.


– The Fitmag Team