Acne and Lifestyle

Acne and pimple problems worry a lot of us, mainly the younger generation and it impacts our confidence too. Treatment is expensive and not full proof.

So, what to do? What are we missing or what we can do to reduce the condition?

The answer would be “a healthy lifestyle“. Even though genetics is considered to be the major contributor (about 80%) but still there is something that is going wrong which is adding to the problem.

If you check eating habits and activity level, you can find that there is a large intake of sugar, processed foods, and an inactive lifestyle. Now, such a lifestyle and eating habit are deficient in Omega 3 and essential fatty acids (linoleic and alpha linoleic), high in foods having high glycemic index and load which keep the insulin level elevated, deficiency of vitamins like Vit A, D, E, deficiency of minerals. This issue adds to the inflammation.

Milk and dairy product is blamed for being the cause“, well it’s not true. Milk is not the cause and the research findings loosely connect the dots. Till date, no research has given a “full” proof statement about the association.

Enough of reasoning, let’s see what can be done,

1.) Have a diet rich in essential fatty acids majorly Omega 3, linoleic and alpha linoleic.

2.) Avoid/reduce consumption of foods which have high GI and GL, a research study has confirmed their association.

3.) Make sure your diet have a good source of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals.

4.) “WORKOUT”, don’t sit ideal. By working out you will enhance the hormonal balance and production.

5.) Reduce the stress level and take proper sleep. Stress levels have a positive association with acne and skin issues.

6.) Last but not the least, always stay hydrated. 

Now I can’t  guarantee that the above guidelines will cure your acne problems completely. But it will surely help in reducing the occurrence and severity of the issue.

~Suraj Ray