How much of a truth is the 10 packs?

We all must have come across the rumours about Shahrukh Khan and his 10 packs. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But now, what if I tell you that even you can have 10 packs if you have what it needs? Read on to know more.

What are these packs or abs?

Basically, the packs or abs are nothing but a muscle in our abdominal wall called the Rectus Abdominis. When your fat % is very much less, the Rectus Abdominis muscle can be seen. The so called Cuts are the tendinous intersections that crosses the Rectus Abdominis muscle horizontally. And the straight line dividing the packs into the right and left is the Linea Alba.

More into the anatomy?

Rectus Abdominis is a long, strap-like muscle that covers the entire abdominal wall on either side, separated in the midline by the Linea Alba. This Rectus Abdominis muscle is crossed horizontally by fibrous muscles called the tendinous intersections, usually three or four in number. One of which is situated opposite to the umbilicus, one at the end of the xiphoid process, and third in between the xiphoid process and the umbilicus. Very rarely there are one or two extra intersections present. Usually these are incompletely formed but very rarely they are complete.

Is it really possible to get a 10 pack?

The answer to this question is a yes, but not everyone can have a ten pack. You maybe working out really heavy but your pack count might not go more than a 4 or 6 or maybe even 5. This is because, all of this is connected to your genes. Well, I hate to use this word but it’s genetics. Your muscles- both numbers and shapes are decided when you’re still in the womb. The reason why we all can’t have an eight or ten pack is because we all have a different ab structure, everyone’s abs look different and are unique to them, the thickness and spacing is different in everyone although you can change the thickness and development of your abs you cannot change the basic ab structure. Yes, it’s all passed down to you by your ancestors. If your ancestors have had the extra pair of tendinous intersections, it’s a possibility that you could also have them. But it takes so much of hard work to actually flaunt the last two to four packs because they require excess of hard work and very little fat percentage.

*Too much to take? Let’s keep it simple. *

So it all basically comes down to your genes. And once you have the genes for whatever it maybe- 4 packs or 6 or 8 or 10 or 12, it’s not always the genes that helps you flaunt them. You might have read and heard trainers telling how to get the last 2 or 4 packs revealed through lower ab workouts. Don’t concentrate on the lower ab exercises anymore. Are you still thinking that hundreds of crunches are gonna get you perfect abs? NO! Instead, work on compound, multi-joint and total body movements which would engage your core. So eat right, workout perfectly,get your body fat percentage below 10 and flaunt those abs.

There are people who have been really curious about this. And yes, they’ve researched on cadavers and found out that very few had more than three tendinous intersections. Wanna check them out?

Author credits – Prashant