Are all calories the same?

What would you think if I tell you that you can lose weight by eating ice cream?

Don’t conclude so soon, I am not out of my mind yet!

It’s true that you can have ice cream, cookies, and chocolates, and still manage to lose weight as at the end of the day. All that matters is your total calorie intake, and if your total calorie intake is less than your maintenance, then yes, you will lose some weight. Now I can see you factoring in some desserts for dinner already. But I haven’t shown you the whole picture yet!

Even though it is the total calorie intake that matters for your weight loss (or gain) goal, what matters even more is the source of the calories! Shocked? It is not rocket science to understand why…


A food may contain carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fiber as the major macronutrients. Food which are rich in complex carbs (i.e. the carbs which contain good amount of fiber and take time to get digested and absorbed in the body) are good for insulin regulation, as compared to simple carbs like table sugar, chocolates, and processed carbs, which create insulin spikes and in the long run, could result in insulin resistivity. Complex carbs are also good in providing volume to the food, whereas simple carbs will feel too light and leave you less satiated for the same amount of calories.


Protein is the building block among all other macronutrients. It helps in building tissues, cells, hormones, enzymes and a lot more. In addition, the body takes a little bit more effort to break down protein, which is a good factor for increasing energy expenditure. If your calories are not coming from protein rich sources, then the building of muscles will be under optimum. Not just that, your BMR will remain low because a good amount of muscle mass can help to increase the metabolism thus leading to a better body composition.


You might have kept fats out of checklist for your groceries. But good sources of dietary fat are very essential in production of hormones and conditioning of skin, hair, lubrication of joints, and a lot more. Cutting down fat intake while counting calories may not be a wise decision as they have major functions in our body.

Now coming back to my first question:

What would you think if I tell you that you can lose weight by eating ice cream exclusively or indiscriminately?

Answer : This time don’t buy my words. If you are served with a plate of rice, chicken or lean meat or paneer, with some yogurt garnished with some almonds…and on the other hand, a plate of delicious and mouthwatering ice cream of same calories… well, now I hope you’ll think hard and make the right choice!


Author credits – Suraj Ray

Suraj Ray

Suraj Ray

Hi, I am Suraj Ray, an Expert Level Certified Nutrition and Training Consultant (INFS). I have 2 years of real time experience in fitness and lifestyle transformation. I prefer to understand the goals and limitations of my client before starting their program. The program is custom made based on the observations made by keeping the limitations and benefit under consideration. For me, fitness is an undetectable part and we are together for quite some time. The regime started long back when I used to train with my father and from where I learned the significance of a fit and healthy life. My objective is simple and clear, I want to make as many people as I can fit and healthier. I understand that the mission is not an easy one and “easy” is something that I am not looking for. With SQUATS I have taken an oath and will fulfill it by helping you with your fitness goal. It's will be a mutual job for me and you to bring your fitness goal and my vision into reality.