Are you trying to stop drinking?

People affected by alcoholism, show some noticeable traits. They seek out drinking opportunities, are not able to control intake and frequently put friends and family at a lower priority than alcohol. As their tolerance level increases, they need more and more to achieve the same effect. They constantly live in denial, not willing to acknowledge their alcohol related problem, and experience severe withdrawal symptoms if their access to drinking is stopped.

Alcoholism is considered by many as a chronic disease of dependency on alcohol, similar to diabetes or blood pressure. Taken in excess over prolonged periods, alcohol can damage the liver, pancreas, intestines, brain and other organs. Empty calories from alcohol cannot replace a nutritious diet.

Role of Supplements : Multivitamins and other recommended supplements may work to address the difficulties faced during the weaning away period and keep the alcoholic firmly on the road to recovery. However, they are by no means adequate or sufficient. Appropriate medication is usually required to deal with the problem. The rest of the article touches upon several important micronutrients related to alcoholism.

Alcoholics do not have healthy diets and are many times deficient in important micronutrients such as
Vit B, Vit C, Vit D3, and minerals such as magnesium, chromium and zinc.

Vitamin C can help to cleanse the issues of alcohol and is most effective when taken with Vitamin E. Vitamin B and Glutamine help in dealing with alcohol cravings. Supplementation with Vitamin D3 relieves fatigue and stress, which are two major symptoms of protracted alcohol withdrawal. It has been shown to be depleted severely in people with alcoholism.

Chromium helps to deal with alcohol induced low blood sugar. Zinc and Magnesium supplements are required for many metabolic functions in the body.

Although abstinence is the best way to regain control over drinking, most find it extremely hard to practically follow this route.

This is where supplements may help the affected, by helping them overcome their cravings, and supporting them in their road to recovery from alcoholism.


Author Credits – Arunava Chatterjee

Arunava Chatterjee

Arunava Chatterjee

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