Asymmetrical Body

We often see unequal body parts in most of the individuals. In athletes and bodybuilders, it is quite common and we don’t notice it until the other person actually reveals it. But still few of us feel a bit uncomfortable with the situation and want to get rid of the issue.

So, what are the reasons for asymmetrical body parts and how to get rid of them?

Asymmetry can be genetic or non-genetic. The non-genetic forms of asymmetry can be due to the work patterns, wrong exercises etc. and genetic one is caused due to random developmental differences in the internal environment of the two halves of the body.

Every human has a dominant side based on whether he/she is left handed or right handed. If you are left handed you have a dominant side on your left and vice versa. Hence you tend to build a considerable amount of muscles on your dominant side. This non-genetic form of asymmetry can be fixed by introducing few tips into your workout routine.

Stop using Barbells and start using dumbbells

 When you do bilateral exercises with barbells, there are chances for the muscles on your dominant side to contract more than on your weaker side and hence there is a miss in coordination. So replace them with unilateral exercises, using dumbbells with the complete range of motion so that both the sides can have the same amount of contractions.


Mind Muscle connection

When you do compound lifts like squats, bench press etc make sure you focus on your weaker side so that the contraction on your weaker side should be even with that of the stronger side.


Start your workouts with your weaker side 

If you are right side dominant start your workouts with your weaker side ie, from the left hand, perform a number of reps as per the program and repeat the same number of reps on the other side. So that you never compromise on the volume on your weaker side.


Do extra reps

When you see your muscles underdeveloped on your weaker side then performing extra reps on that side will help you build some extra muscle mass by the more blood circulation.


However, you need to spend a few years on building sufficient muscle mass and only after that it’ll be clear whether you really have an asymmetrical physique. Once that becomes clear, one should be consistent and patient enough to get rid of the asymmetry.


Author credits – Dilip Kumar Karanam