FITMAG August 2018 – The Injury Prevention Issue

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Letter from the Editor:

If you are lucky to have anyone from the pre-independence era around you, you’ve probably heard the fairytales from the past where comfort and convenience probably weren’t what people had, but peace and joy, they surely did!

Many things have changed in 71 years, not just our lifestyle, but probably the definition of life itself.

Homemade lunch has been replaced by home deliveries and the number of friends you can have has increased by the order of thousands. 71 years ago, this would probably be considered magic!

A lot of things have definitely changed for the better, but a lot of things have probably made us question “Are we really independent?”

Technology – was it supposed to be a convenience or an addiction?
Games – Was it supposed to be out in the open or in an app?

This Independence Day, let’s revisit our past to find what we have lost and cherish what we have gained.
This August, let’s be independent of prejudices, unfair thinking, discrimination and procrastination.

Let’s pledge to change for the better.

We, as Fitmag, will help you get better. All we need is your desire!

P.S. Here’s another brilliant edition of Fitmag with amazing articles around injury prevention, warm-up techniques, Mythbusters, and a special feature on SQUATS TC5.0 winner Leena Doshi who has redefined fitness at an age of 40+.

Thank you all for the love and support. I hope we bring value to your life with our content.

Stay Fit. Stay Free!

Dev Biswas