I am an expert in training for Contest Prep, Bodybuilding, Sports Nutrition, Fat-Loss, General well being, Strength and conditioning, Transformation, Post pregnancy weight loss, and Diabetes Reversal, among other things.

Hi, I'm Dr.Aniket Jadhav, a Doctor by profession, B.A.M.S (M.D Ayu) Faculty at Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS), Practicing Ayurveda since 2009, and have 3 years experience in Nutrition and exercise science. I've helped a more than 500+ people, to transform them and 100+ people with Type 2 Diabetes reversal. I have helped many of my clients with severe medical issues achieve their fitness goals keeping their health as the first priority.

And writing for Fitmag just extends the scope of my ability to influence people on their fitness journeys. Read Fitmag, because here we combine fitness with fun as much as we open your eyes to the facts. And learning is the only way to keep your gains for good!

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome – PMS

What is PMS? It is a fairly common thing that most women face one or more physical or emotional discomforts in the premenstrual phase of the menstrual cycle. These symptoms…