I’m also called Ezra “Neva Daunted”, a title that speaks louder in actions than in words. Being “Normal” isn’t a word I subscribe to. A state level sprinter in my school days; now a scuba diver; an MMA enthusiast; a musclemania fitness finalist and an oilfield hand. I have worked in harsh environments – from 55+ degrees centigrade desert heat, to hurricane ridden ultradeep waters.
Reading, playing music, writing lyrics, poetry, cooking, writing, and most importantly, helping those who are struggling with health issues – these are passions that not only fuel, but also drive me. And my most favourite time of the day is when I help my 88 year old bedridden grandmom in her battle against dementia – be it through a song she loves, or a little impromptu jig with her. I would do anything to make her smile.
Working with people who need help, guidance, and affection, has taught me how important it is to further one’s knowledge. Reading and research are the best ways to expand our horizon, so we are able to help others in turn. I love to share all the evidence based knowledge I’ve gathered through my reading and my first hand experiences, and what better way to do this than to write about it on Fitmag!
So come, read, broaden your horizons, and help others by sharing what you’ve learned today.

How to plan your diet?

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