Hi, I'm Jaideep Bhide. A former Couch Potato and a still recovering (and often relapsing) Ice-Cream addict, I now devote most of my time to the Three C’s of my life: Cooking, Cats and Content Writing. 
I am a certified INFS Expert and a whole-time Grammar Nazi whose writing style is a perfect reflection of his personality - wry and engaging with a hint of saltiness. 
I write for Fitmag because I believe fitness is that one intoxicant that everyone should rightly indulge in. And Fitmag is the only place that demystifies fitness and nutrition for the common man and provides them with all the tools they need to become the best version of themselves.

So keep reading, and get Fit with Fitmag!

Managing Fatigue

The 21st Century is truly one of the most wondrous times to be alive in human history. Never before have people known these levels of comfort nor have we had…

The Fiction of Fasting

Indians don’t need an introduction to the concept of fasting. From ancient times to modern times, from virtuous housewives to virtue-signalling politicians, everyone has fasted for one reason or the…