Hi I am Dr Namrata Ghushar .
I am a General physician (BHMS), certified in (DNYS).
I have 2 years experience in health and fitness.
This expertise enables me not just in diagnosing and treating but also giving a precautionary healthy lifestyle.
Having over 200+ transformations' in a wide array of lifestyle disorders
my profile specialises in PCOS,Thyroid, Cholesterol,obesity reversal.
I always consider thorough study of lifestyle disorders while I plan any nutrition chart.
Thus,it not only makes you fit but also helps in getting rid of these conditions.

I come to you with an assurance of keeping your health is in safe hands with me.

My own transformation made me believe that life could be better with science of nutrition and I am extending the same hands to you.

Join me in your journey for a healthier lifestyle and a fit body that makes you feel better than ever!