Hello folks! My name is Rupesh Choudhury. And for me, good health is a philosophy, a way of living that you put into practice through physical training.

Formally trained in Physical Education and additionally certified in Sports Nutrition, I have invested close to 6 years strengthening minds and bodies as an exercise and nutrition consultant. My clients come from all walks of life with needs ranging from fat loss to injury rehabilitation and antenatal/postnatal exercise. As a college level cross country runner, basketball player, mountaineering trainee, and both teacher and student of strength training, I have had the opportunity to experience fitness in many forms.

Today, I take up the pen, along with the dumbbell, and unravel before you, the world of health and fitness. Stay tuned, as FitMag and I bust the half truths of today’s fitness advice and bring you the latest, science backed information about training techniques, nutrition tips and good health.

Strongman Training

500 kg deadlifts, 200 kg Atlas stones being thrown around, and men pulling aeroplanes across the finish line! Now that’s the stuff ‘strongman training’ is made of. From the ancient…

How not to diet!

This is not an article on just “dieting” per se. It is a set of observations about some of the most obvious mistakes people make on their journey to a leaner, healthier…