Hi All! I’m Shanu. I have been working as a Nutrition Expert with SQUATS for past more than
a year and have been able to guide more than 300 people in this short span of time. As a person, I have always been enthusiastic about fitness and sports, with cricket being my first
I also have a transformation story. I transformed myself from a 47 kg skinny guy to what I
am today, with a much better and muscular physique. During my journey, it was reading
that always stood by me and opened my eyes to a deeper awareness of the human body.
As a Fitmag Author, it has been my aim to help others through my writings, and with Fitmag
serving as the best online platform that makes fitness accessible to EVERY man and woman
out there, it becomes easier to reach out to those that need help and support!
I love writing as much as I love lifting. And I encourage you to read Fitmag and open your
eyes to a better world and a better you!

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