Being body shamed? ‘Challenge Accepted !’, said Teena Jain. Read about how she incorporated ‘goal setting’ and ‘commitment’ for her amazing transformation.

Body shaming is not a new thing. In fact it is quite casual in today’s context. People take a nano-second to yell ‘fatso’ at somebody who is overweight.They do not realise that calling names is fun, only when they themselves are not at the receiving end of it. Most of the times it triggers the self-hatred amongst the people.They feel that they are a topic of dismissive humor. But, at times it also fires up a desire to be fit and prove a point.

That’s exactly what happened with Teena! She used that desire to fuel up her passion to be fit.



Being the only flabby kid in the entire family, she was often teased about eating the share of her sibling’s food. Shopping, to her, meant buying only traditional wear (since the age of 10), as the dupatta could hide the layers of fat underneath. All of it was fine with her till the time she was associated with words like cute and chubby.

Everybody adored me, be it home or back at school, because I was chubby and sweet in my demeanour”, she said.


When things went topsy turvy:

As time passed by, she started getting nicknamed as baby elephant or a pregnant woman.Her self esteem took a major hit because of such name callings.Her confidence dripped down and reached a level of self hatred.She desperately wanted a turn-around in her life.


The resolution :

“On new year’s, I remember texting everybody ‘Happy and healthy new year’.Basically, I was reminding myself to start off with my fitness journey. I had a goal in mind and I wanted to achieve it”, she recalls.

She decided to work on her fitness and shred unnecessary fat


Walking the path:

It started as a new year resolution for her and but she was determined to stick to it it. Herjourney started in January by eating healthy and she started to see the change in her body. Soon she was added to the “SQUATS for HER” group by a colleague. She observed the transformations for a day or two but then left the group thinking “Its too good to be true”. But another friend convinced her that the group and the transformations are real.

She enrolled under a mentor and it took her five months to reach the desired physique.

She says,“Patience, consistency and discipline are the most important factors for a fit lifestyle”.



The challenging part for her was to train her mind to overcome the reluctance to hit the gym. Also, continuing with the plan when results were slow, was a bit difficult.Unless you see good changes happening on a regular basis, you tend to lose motivation.She kept her head down and worked with her mentor consistently .Soon it started to pay off.

Happily ever after:

Five months of grinding and she arrived in style.

Most important thing she realised is that fitness can not be a phase.It has to be a lifestyle.

Now she realizes the idea of goal setting and commitment.She started with a four-day workout plan .Currently she is on a six-day workout plan.The shift from being reluctant to wanting to workout everyday happened in this period. Now she has to convince herself to rest at least a day in a week.

It all started with a desire to make up for her self esteem.It was a short term goal of feeling good about herself.But now she understands the importance of fitness as a lifestyle and she is goi ng to stick to it.

Today, food has no ability to lure her senses by appearance, taste or smell.She has become more concerned about the value it offers. Her focus is now gaining strength and building muscles.She has also enrolled with INFS to learn more about nutrition and fitness.


Team Fitmag wishes her all the luck in this pursuit.