Being fat cost this guy his wallet, and life too!

This video is an eye opener on our ignorance about our own health and the importance of getting fit! Click here to watch it directly on YouTube


Good news is, it is possible to change that! SQUATS has been doing that and has transformed over a hundred thousand people into their healthier selves, only with proper eating and proper exercise. While others are trying to make billions by hiding the knowledge, SQUATS and FITMAG come out to share the secrets of health with you, for free! And that’s what TC 5 is all about -another step towards this initiative.

Can getting fit take you to your dreamland, anywhere in the world?

Welcome to the biggest Transformation Challenge ever, where you get to eat the cake and keep it too (proverbially)! You get to get healthier and sexier, and you get the prizes too, worth over 5 lacs and get to be featured as a Fitmag Magazine cover model! Last time in TC4, Priyanka and Kashish won a trip to Paris and several other prizes (IphoneX, Wolfpack Sportswear and others to name a few) among over 5 thousand participants. They were featured in the February edition of Fitmag Magazine. This year, probably you could win it. And even if you don’t, you will surely win your health back! Is that a bad deal? What’s the participation fee? Well, ZERO participation fee . There’s no entry fee, it’s open to everyone and you don’t need to spend a single penny anywhere. Enrolling under the SQUATS mentors is your own choice if you need that guidance, else it’s not even needed if you educate yourself and transform yourself. A good starting point would be to read The Get Shredded Document and to join the help group Transformation Challenge  is a one of its kind non-profit competition that is organized twice every year by SQUATS Fitness Pvt. Ltd. as an initiative to spread awareness about fitness and health and to prove to normal regular people that IT CAN BE DONE, you can transform! For more details, keep a tab on Fitmag Magazine page and join the SQUATS group here .