Can a busy mother lose 25 kilos eating dal-rice? Shailee did just that!

Shailee’s story is not unlike that shared by millions of women across India – too many hats to don, too little time for herself.

A busy mother, wife and career woman, Shailee’s day begins at 5 am everyday! After making sure everyone’s lunch-boxes are ready, she then dispatches her son to school, rushes to office for a hectic day of work, then returns home to spend some quality time with her family. This typically means that she doesn’t get to sleep before midnight.

Naturally, over time, this hectic lifestyle took a toll on Shailee’s health. But there was so much work, who had the time to think about such trivial matters?

But something changed when, one day, Shailee took a long hard look in the mirror and realized that she no longer recognized herself! Where was the spunky girl who once wanted to learn Martial Arts?

“Life’s too short for regrets,” she said to herself and decided to reclaim her life!

Shailee enrolled under SQUATS Fitness Consultant Ismat Khoja and began her journey back to herself.

There were several challenges along the way – she fell ill not once but thrice! There were family commitments, work pressures and of course, “well-meaning” friends and family who told her she was taking on too much and wouldn’t make it.

But she persevered.

And the result is there for all to see – Shailee lost a whopping 25 kilos in just 6 months!

Her days are still just as hectic. But she still makes the time to work out for an hour each day and follows a Structured Vegetarian Diet – yes, one that includes dal, rice and sabjis! As she likes to put it “Being an Indian woman has helped hone her Time Management Skills”.

But this was just the beginning! Shailee has her sights clearly set on her next target: Martial Arts!

With her razor-like focus and determination, that Black Belt can’t be too far away!


Author credits -TEAM FITMAG