Can you be Fit & Fab at 55? Karuna shows that you can!

Someone once said, “Age is but a number”. Karuna Khatwani’s transformation story is a true testament to this!

Like so many people, Karuna had always blamed her genes and medical conditions for her obesity. She tried all kinds of fad diets but the weight-loss was always temporary. And when the fat came back, it did so with a vengeance!

In September 2017, at an all-time high of 76.5 kgs, Karuna was introduced to the Keto Diet. She instantly fell in love with it as she could now get to eat ghee, cheese and butter – foods that she loves – and she started hogging on them. But still, the weight wouldn’t come off.

In October 2017, a friend informed her that like any other diet, Keto too was all about counting macros (of which Karuna had no clue) and added her to the SQUATS Facebook Group. Karuna’s friend insisted that she should read “THE PINNED POST” before embarking on a diet.

Soon, Karuna was stalking every post on the group. In the bargain, she learned about portion control and lost a couple of kilos.

December 2017 was a watershed moment for Karuna. Her mom fell seriously ill and had to be put on oxygen for 18 out of 24 hours in a day. She would get breathless with even the slightest physical activity.

This proved to be the wakeup call that Karuna needed! She realized that if she didn’t do something about her health right now (at the age of 55), then it would be too late for her to do anything about it. It was now or never.

She promptly enrolled under Nutrition Consultant Ismat Khoja. At that time, her weight was 72 kgs.

The first few weeks were very frustrating for Karuna. For 2 weeks there would be no change, then she’d lose 200-300 gms and then, her weight would stall again for a couple of weeks. She often thought of giving up and probably would have, had it not been for Ismat’s constant encouragement.

Karuna switched to Keto from a Carb-based diet to kickstart her super sluggish metabolism and then back to a Carb Diet. She started working out regularly in March 2018 and that helped her progress. She also participated in TC5 (Transformation Challenge 5)

As of 4th July 2018, Karuna is at 64 kgs. That’s a loss of 8 kgs in 24 weeks. Her fat percentage is down by 5% and has been accompanied by significant inch loss. In addition, she is feeling stronger and has started believing in herself.

And this is just a beginning. Karuna has given herself a year to transform herself. While she’s celebrating the halfway mark, she is also gearing up for the rest of the journey.

We wish her the very best on this journey!