The workdays are long, the overnight shifts longer. There is always a project to complete, a deadline to meet, a kid falling sick, a house full of guests, no money to spare, friends to meet, the social events to attend, the partying, the socializing and I am sure, the list is endless. It sounds familiar,right.That’s because we have all been there. And as long as one doesn’t use that as an excuse to skip workouts, all these don’t matter.

The lock

Its easy to fall into the trap of believing there is no time to have a life beyond work and responsibilities, much less one that carves out time for regular exercise.But believe me when I say this, personal health doesn’t have to become a daunting task or a chore that commands large chunk of your day. There’s no reason to believe that one cannot work out and get in shape. It won’t take all day, either. Training with minimal equipment, or even your body weight, is enough to get you in your desired shape, your dream body.
There is this big paradox going on about work getting in the way of working put. But, we are here to break the code, work around our limitations and triumph against all those things that tie us down.

And the key

Well, let me be honest at the outset. There’s no single key that can open this lock. In fact, a couple of
things that, by themselves, don’t seem significant help in the process of unlocking. Let’s give them a

Sleep smarter

Various studies have proven that healthy sleep habits can help keep the weight at bay. What you do an hour prior to sleeping is the most important barrier to a good night’s sleep. (read this : Importance of sleep). Intelligent sleeping involves self discipline and pre-planning. So, reset your sleep schedule and wake up earlier. Just a 30 minute sacrifice of your snooze time will help you get a quick 20-30 minute workout done and keep you energized all day long. And, if you want to squeeze in extra 5 minutes of your precious sleep, sleep in your workout clothes. In case of unforeseen circumstances, let the weekend come as your saviour and transform you into a
fitness ninja. Two 60- minute workouts and a 30-min workout during the week will tick your box of the recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise.

Say NO to being a couch potato

At the end of a really tiring day, all you might want is to zone out in front of your television with your favorite munchies as your company. Well, no way are we advising you to give up on your favourite sitcom or the endless seasons of Game of Thrones. The simple and easy to follow advise here is that you change your company. Instead of bagful of chips or cans of cola, keep some healthy snacks within your reach. More importantly, keep your dumbbells and resistance bands next to your couch. That way, you can fit in a workout while watching. If that seems too much of an effort, doing some bodyweight exercises like pushups, jumping jacks, squats,crunches and skipping can be easily made a part of your mindless TV watching.

Power walk your stairs

Ditch the elevator and/ or the escalator and take the stairs. While you are at it, don’t drudge yourself up the stairs or walk leisurely. Try to increase your speed or the number of stairs you can climb in a minute. And if you can climb two steps at once, your glutes would have a lot of thanking to do. Invest in a monitoring device/fitness tracking device and target the number of steps in a day. Try to reach your target daily. Overshooting your target gives you bonus points in the form of additional gains.

Hone your time management skills

Learn to snatch time. Depending on the time you can manage to snatch, pick up an appropriate workout routine. Use YouTube and omnipresent search engines to your advantage and pick up a workout that you can fit in your available time capsule. Even 5/10 minutes are enough to squeeze in a HIIT or Tabata routine. As they say, something is better than nothing. Knowing your likes and dislikes is an important aspect in maintaining consistency. Picking up a workout of your choice helps in a long run because that makes the workout something to look
forward to and not something to dread.

The bottom line is to squeeze in fitness wherever you are and with whatever little time you have on

Call it bullshit

There will always be some reason for not being able to workout. But, excuses are after all mere excuses while priorities are priorities. Prioritise. Yourself. Your health. Your fitness. Make a schedule.Write it. Stick it to the wall, on the fridge, wherever. Adhere to it. Remind yourself that working out is a priority worth keeping. Life passes us by while we busy ourselves with work and responsibilities. The wakeup call comes when all this running around takes a toll on our health. Small, intelligent steps like these can help us take a giant leap towards a lifetime of fitness.

Wishing all of us a fit and healthy life.


Author credits – Kavita Mehta Thukral

Kavita Mehta

Kavita Mehta

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