Adjust your macros according to your diet
All you need is
200 grams rice flour.
200 grams cheese.
Vegetables- jalapenos, pepper onion 30 grams.

You can use tomatoes/tomato paste with seasoning for base.

Steps to prepare:

1. Make smooth rice flour dough with water.
2. Add garlic powder and salt. And flatten half of it using rolling pin and parchment paper.
3. Brush some butter and cook it at 350 F for 10 minutes
4. Saute your choice of veggies to make the top layer of the pizza.
5. Take out the base add cheese. For best results use mozzarella sticks on side, shredded mozzarella and cheddar in the mid part.
6. Add hot tomato paste with seasoning and then your veggies.
7. Again cook it for 10-15 minutes
8. Add Oregano and chilli flakes.
Your Pizza is ready …..enjoy.

Pizza credits to Abhiram Gokhale