“Chubby isn’t Cute!” Read how one woman lost 35 kgs of chubbiness to rediscover her inner fire!

“He who stops being better, stops being good” – Oliver Cromwell.

This has become one of Phalk Jindal’s favorite quotes, and more so, her way of life. But it is only because SHE MADE IT HER WAY OF LIFE! Read on to know how –


“Chubby Cheeks, Dimpled Chin…”

Phalk Jindal had always been the happy cherubic school kid, always told to concentrate on her studies and on her career aspirations. “Study –> Get a good job –> Earn a hefty salary –> Buy a house.” There was no need to worry about ‘figure’ or even fitness, no need to waste time playing sports, and plus, being chubby is the same as being cute, isn’t it?

However, in 2015, stepping out of her childhood, a sad realization dawned on her that everyone had lied to her. Chubby wasn’t cute at all. No one found a 100 kg overweight girl ‘cute,’ and her certainly not her own body and spirit. She couldn’t walk for more than ten minutes without panting, fitting into clothes was a herculean task, and she turned with distaste whenever she saw herself in the mirror.


What happens when you hit rock bottom? You don’t dig a deeper hole, you start working your way out to the top. Chubby she may have been, but she came with a ‘Never Give Up’ spirit. Like hundreds of others, she started off on this journey trusting her own instincts, fell down once or twice, learned things the hard way, and always got up and resumed her climb.

S.Q.U.A.T.S. happened too. And there she found her mentors – Dr. Aniketh Jadhav, Matin Shaikh, and Akshay Kumar – who stayed with her throughout her journey, corrected her misconceptions, motivated her during her low phases, and gave her the well-deserved pats on the back when she reached her milestones. With their guidance, Phalk turned her entire life around – from the happy-go-lucky, sport-hating, sedentary girl of her schooldays, to the mature, inspired fitness freak, with an unabashed love for iron!

Her workout and diet?


Everyone is curious what Phalk ate (or didn’t) and what workout Phalk did (or didn’t). So here’s for all those who won’t be satisfied without an answer:

  • Training 6 days a week. Targeting each muscle group twice – focus on building endurance, strength, and hypertrophy.
  • Quantified Nutrition – calculating macros. Being consistent and no cheating. Proper supplementation to avoid deficiencies.
  • Being happy, staying motivated. And trying to better her every last attempt in her every next!


Looking Back…

Phalk reminisces about that time when she hadn’t lost even a single gram of weight over an entire year, despite putting in her best… and she cried herself to sleep every night.

Phalk’s journey teaches us all that every journey has its highs and lows. Perhaps more lows than highs. And Tears and Agony are oftentimes the only companions we can see. Still, there is that unstoppable human spirit that leads us to conquer our own limitations and rise above it all. Falling is natural.

Getting up is hard. But only those who get up, can ever dream of Flying.

…and Now, There’s No Looking Back!


Check out Phalk’s amazing transformation in her pictures, and be inspired to stay steadfast on your journeys. Fitmag wishes Phalk all the very best in her pursuit of her best self. We will surely hear more of you in the years to come!


– The Fitmag Team