Coffee Nap – The Most Effective Pre-Workout?

Charged and ready to attack is what we desire every time as we enter the gym for our workouts. But all days are not same, some might be a lot more stressful and you don’t just feel ready with the same energy levels.

Happens, right?

A “Coffee Nap/Bulletproof power nap” might just be the secret to getting the most from your workout on those days.

The concept is simple: you drink a cup of coffee then take a 15/20 minute nap before the caffeine kicks in.


We know caffeine can be useful before workouts as it promotes alertness by blocking adenosine receptors which induce drowsiness. The brilliance of the coffee nap is that sleep naturally clears Adenosine from your brain!

Half-sleep has proven to be just as effective. This additive effect can be quite useful in improving performance.


From the moment you drink your coffee to the moment you metabolize it, there’s about 20 minutes of pure opportunity to not only rest, but to open up those adenosine receptors to the caffeine you just imbibed.


But beware! Sleeping longer than 20-25 minutes can show opposite results, as you can fall into sleep inertia, which is harder to wake up from.

Seems worth a try, doesn’t it? Just make sure you’re up before the coffee kicks in!


Article Credits – Abhijit Singh (INFS)