Common Health Mistakes Working Women Make

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, middle-aged working women are the last ones on the list. They often forget to take care of themselves while trying to solve all the “real life problems.” What they fail to see is that their health is as important as any other problem that they try to solve and overcome every single day.

If you fall in that category of women who have somewhat lost themselves in their day-in day-out routines, question yourself on how many of the below questions are true in your case and how you could easily solve them –

1. Are you being too hard on yourself?

If you are usually trying to accomplish a lot of things in a single day and stressing about not accomplishing tasks at the end of the day – you are being too hard on yourself. Plan your day in advance and make sure to have achievable and realistic goals.

Tip: Stress is devious. But there are signs that you’re getting stressed that your body betrays and you must pay attention to those warning signs. Read the Fitmag article “Stress – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” to know these signs and deal with them effectively.


2. Are you involving yourself in enough physical activities?

If you are too caught up with work which is absolutely sedentary, and then completing your household chores, you pretty much go to bed without any care or nurture to your body. Think about it, how harmful could this be in the long run? Is it really impossible to take out 45 minutes out of the entire day for a good quick workout?

Once you begin questioning yourself, the answers will be right there.


3. Are you drinking enough water?

Hydration has always been the key to supporting several vital functions in our body. The day you ignore this fact, you are making your body struggle for its simple and complex functions. Sadly, most women struggle to drink more than a litre or two a day, and most often, they do not have a clue how much they are drinking either. When many other chores take priority, thirst doesn’t really register in the mind, and even if it does, women are good at ignoring it till it actually becomes overwhelming.

Do not disregard this crucial element. Drinking more water isn’t as tough as you think. Keeping a tracker, using the water apps, sipping water all day – all these are simple tools that could easily help you achieve your water goal!

Read about the benefits of hydration in the Fitmag article here: “Five Amazing Things Water Does to Your Body”


4. Are you still treating your skin like a teenager?

If giving minimum care towards skin is another habit that you have picked up from your teenage, you really need to get better. Keeping simple things in mind like removing make up every night, moisturising, using sunscreen toning, and also never skipping the Multivitamin and Biotin will help your hair and skin remain younger for longer.

A common issue with skin is Acne. Read more about acne management with some simple lifestyle tweaks in this Fitmag article “Acne and Lifestyle”


5. Are you thinking twice before investing in your health or comfort?

If you do not mind spending money at a fancy restaurant or for a multiplex movie night, but hesitate to invest in your vitamins or a pair of comfortable shoes, clearly you are misplacing your priorities. Again, think about the decisions you are making. Investing in health will bring you long term benefits and you would really thank yourself in future for doing it.

Tips: Keeping aside a small budget every month will make you less hesitant towards achieving this goal! Use it only for healthy activities, whether it be getting those multivitamins, or buying a set of dumbbells or resistance bands to enhance your home workout.


6. Are you indulging in stress eating?

After a stressful day at work and completing your kids’ homework, do you often reach out to your refrigerator to find comfort in junk food? This is a sign that you are a stress eater! Emotional eating is one of the major health hazards that the modern world faces, and more so women today. Take a look at this detailed article on “Emotional Eating” to understand what it is, and how to steer clear of this dangerous trap.

Tips: Avoid having a junk food pantry at home, rethink before you eat and pre plan your meals to keep stress eating at bay.

The final word is this – make time for yourself, prioritize your health, set fitness goals no matter how small, and stick to your plans. If you love yourself and your body, you will eventually become stronger inside and outside, and more effective in your productivity – whether at home or in office.


rticle Credits –Trina Roy