Determination & Discipline – Here’s Sana Kausar’s 500-Day Transformation Journey

As a teenager, Sana was always on the heavier side. She was bullied, mocked, ridiculed and constantly body shamed for looking 10 years older than her actual age.

As a grown-up, these problems were compounded by her corporate lifestyle. Like so many others stuck in the rat race, Sana has to sit in front of a laptop for almost 12 hours a day, thus leaving no time for workouts or diets which eventually led to obesity.

She did not realize this until one day, a doctor’s report came back with a veritable shopping list of lifestyle diseases: Sana was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, Fatty Liver, and Borderline High Triglycerides. In addition, she had severe pains in her knees and back. Quite understandably, the doctors advised her to lose weight.

Sana tried all the fad diets and workouts out there. She drank Chinese Green Tea, tried Warm Water with Lemon and Honey, went on the GM diet, bought a Sauna Belt, ran endlessly on the treadmill and even joined a slimming centre. But alas, nothing worked!

Out of frustration, she started starving herself. While she did lose some weight, she severely damaged her health and metabolism and ended up in hospital. That’s when a friend came to her rescue and asked Sana to join SQUATS. This proved to be a very wise decision and a major turning point.  

For a couple of months, Sana was a silent follower on the SQUATS Facebook Group. She kept reading all the queries and answers being posted and read the pinned post thoroughly umpteen times until she understood the basic concepts. She then started experimenting with her diet plan. As she hopped from LCD to HCD to MCD, her body started responding. Sana also started doing a Beginner Workout that she found on the group. She bought resistance bands and started doing bodyweight exercises when she had to travel and did not have access to a gym.

Her determination, discipline and clean eating finally showed results:

  • No PCOS
  • Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes
  • No knee pain
  • No fatty liver
  • Triglycerides within the normal range

In addition, her clothes size dropped from XXXL to XS, her waist reduced from 43 inches to 29 inches and her weight dropped from 93 kgs to 58 kgs.

Sana’s journey took over 500 days and she’s now confident that she has made a major lifestyle and mindset shift. Her next aim is to build muscle and she’s already gearing up for this next challenge!

What kept her going was the joy of seeing her own progress in the mirror and a never give up attitude.

Hats off to this Fitness Warrior!