Diet – Life Balance

A good diet combined with good workout sessions are essential components of good health in general, but when it comes to maintaining a balance with your life while you are on a diet or while trying to achieve your goals, how good are you at it? Have you ever felt that you are not able to manage both and you are missing out on a lot in order to pursue your dream physique? Well then now is the time to ask yourself these below questions to find out where you stand –


Do you always feel deprived of food?

The feeling of deprivation does not help in sustained weight loss. The cravings after a long depriving diet are way more than they are on a well-balanced diet. If you cannot master the art of moderation in your life (in terms of your eating habits) the vicious cycle of weight gain and loss will always haunt you. Find foods that you really like and try to add them to your diet. This could be something as simple as some rice every night for dinner.This will not only make you feel satisfied but also will help you maintain your sanity with your overall dieting efforts. Depriving yourself of a particular food item in order to achieve your goals is never the right thing to do.


Is your diet too rigid?

There is a fine line between what usually people think about “flexible dieting”versus actually having a certain level of flexibility in your diet.If your diet is flexible enough to help you make good choices and helps you stick as closely as possible to your calorie and macro nutrient intake goal, then there is no reason why you cannot follow a flexible approach. As long as you are getting 80% of your daily calories from whole and nutritious foods, and being flexible the remaining 20% just helps you adhere to your diet better, then you have already won the battle.Remember what helps you stick to the diet is what it all comes down to, because no macro spilt, no calorie goal, no killer workout plans will help you until you master the art of adherence. Bring in flexibility to your diet to reap better benefits.


Do you miss out important events in your life because of your diet?

It has been 6 months that you have been dieting and you still always fear going to a party just because you will miss out on your diet and workout. You do not like entertaining guests at home, neither do you like attending gatherings of even close family members – again for the same reason. If that’s the case, then you are just ruining your social life for nothing. Always remember, a bad day does not mean you will lose all your progress that you have made so far, or that you will gain all that weight that you had lost with months of effort. The scale might fluctuate a bit after a night of eating out, but that also means there is more water and sodium retention due to the diet deviation. But how much does it matter? As long as you are getting back to track the next day, this barely makes any difference. The real deal is to not stop because you had a bad day but to get back and continue your health and fitness journey, because always remember; it is You vs You!


Is your quality of life being affected due to your diet?

If you are feeling any of the above or anything even beyond that, if you are constantly being stressed out because of your diet and if you always feel fatigued and tired, then stop doing what you are currently doing, and revisit your diet and workout plans. Your fitness journey should be a manifesto of a healthy and fit lifestyle. You should feel active and energetic and feel good about the entire process. This will not only bring a positive impact on achieving your goals but also help prevent negative signals from hitting your brain.Remember the brain always senses the negative signals as a threat and opposes everything your body is trying to do. So, if you want the brain to be in sync with your body goals, send the right signals. Be happy about the journey and enjoy the process, it will make your life so much better, and improve the quality of life. After all that is all that really matters.


So if you are still trying to figure out the right way to balance your dieting efforts with your life in general, try getting to the bottom of these questions and resolving the underlying concerns. You will find that achieving your fitness goals is actually easier than ever.


Author credits – Trina Roy