Do this to get rid of bloating


The sense of fullness in the stomach, as if it is a balloon filled with air, is known as bloating. Bloating can cause your stomach to appear visibly larger in size, and is always accompanied by discomfort, and sometimes even pain.

There are many factors that cause bloating, and here are some of them:
 Constipation
 Food intolerance, such as gluten intolerance, or lactose intolerance
 Intestinal Obstruction
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
 Ectopic Pregnancy
 Endometriosis
 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)


Increase Water Intake – Keep sipping small amounts of water at small intervals of time. This will be helpful in handling bloating caused due to gastrointestinal disorders, which also cause diarrhoea or constipation. Staying hydrated is really one of the best ways of combating constipation, which is the main source of bloating. (Find tips to stay hydrated with Fitmag – ‘5 Amazing Things Water Does to Your Body’) Include apple cider vinegar or lemon juice with lukewarm water in your daily routine. To know more about apple cider vinegar, here is an insightful Fitmag article that educates you about the benefits of this amazing drink: ‘All You Need to Know about Apple Cider Vinegar’ .


Reduce Gas Causing Foods – Foods such as legumes, cauliflower, cabbage, and sprouts, fruits like melons and apple, and other food items like fizzy drinks and chewing gum – these can cause gas formation and should be taken in limited quantities. Fizzy drinks and gum can be entirely avoided as well. Include Foods that stimulate the Digestive System – Cinnamon and Ginger can be added to food while cooking as they stimulate the digestive system and help improve absorption of food.

Avoid Excess Salt – Excessive salt intake causes water retention, which may sometimes lead to a sense of bloating as well. If you have a water retention problem, and are looking for ways to combat it, do read the article ‘Water Retention and Ways to Reduce it’.

Include Probiotics – Taking curd or other probiotic drinks may help, especially if you are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Probiotics help in maintaining healthy gut flora and therefore, significantly improve digestion. Gut health is key to a healthy body, and you can read more about it in the Fitmag article ‘Importance of Gut Health’.

Avoid Fizz – Carbonated drinks mess with your digestion. Avoid them at all costs.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep – Sleep is the most underestimated health macro ever. And impaired sleep or reduced sleeping hours can have a direct impact on digestion, leading to many other related problems including bloating. Make sure you give your body sufficient sleep to help the systems recover.

Destress – Try to remain stress-free, as tension causes the secretion of excessive hydrochloric acid in the gut, which again may lead to bloating.

Stay positive – Always surround yourself with positive people, as negativity may increase your anxiety levels. This again takes us back to increased acid secretion and bloating.


The Takeaway:

Bloating is symptomatic of many physiological issues. And not just that, in today’s world, it is also symptomatic of many lifestyle and psychosocial issues. Small yet significant changes in our lifestyle can effectively eliminate all the factors that lead to bloating. So start with these small changes and say ‘bye bye’ to bloating forever!


Article Credits – Dr. Sushma Pachouri

Dr. Sushma Pachouri

Dr. Sushma Pachouri

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