Eight gym essentials to match your style

Ladies, so you’ve signed up at the swanky new gym in town, and are ready to hustle till you drop! That energy and determination alone are enough to see you through on a day-to-day basis, but what other things can you possibly add to spice up things? Simple, gym fashion. Having funky, smart, and the right kind of accessories can not only help you look good, but also feel good while working out.

Here is a basic list of 8 things you should surely invest in, to hit the gym in style:

1) Basic gym outerwear to celeb-inspired athleisure swag 

The right outerwear can take your style notch up by ten folds in an instant. Because who wants to put in more effort in dressing up after hitting it hard in the gym? (Comfort + Swag) x Effortless style x Zero effort = Winner combo

2) Headband on, hairstyle woes off 

Women with fancy haircuts and stubborn hair dilemmas will relate to having hair woes in the gym. Focus is primary when working out and anything that distracts you should be shoved away. Put on a headband and voila, no more Mermaid and Rapunzel distractions.

3) Gym bag – A gym bag is one of the most used bags you’ll have, after your regular handbag and laptop sleeves, so might as well invest in a good quality one that reflects your style statement and is functional enough to store your belongings well.

4) Cute socks

This goes without saying, cute socks are cute!


5) Sports bra

A sports bra is crucial for keeping your shape intact, however who says you have to wear a boring white one? The variations in sports bras out there is surprisingly overwhelming – buy ones that fit well and make you feel like a million bucks without paying that much for it.

6) Hygiene basics (Dry shampoo + deodorant +body lotion) 

Because staying clean and smelling good is an essential aspect of humanity, and torturing others with body odor is not cool.

7) Gray + coral combo

Safe to say that these colors are basically the new black of gym wear.

8) Workout mat 

A fun and quirky mat with a message like, “Now is the new later” might just push you to do 1-2 extra sets.

So, get fashionable and put the fun back in fitness!


Article Credits – Nida Aziz

Nida A. Aziz

Nida A. Aziz

Hey there, I am certified by INFS a€“ expert level in Fitness and Nutrition sciences. I specialize in implementing fitness and nutrition in a way that puts the client’s needs first and foremost, making it a worthwhile journey towards a lifetime of fitness and health. I strongly believe that fitness is like a high maintenance yet most rewarding marriage; we certainly cannot cheat on it and expect it to work. To me, fitness is more than about having the perfect body; it’s a way of life. It teaches a person immense discipline and the power of focus a€“ anything we set our mind to is achievable, provided we have enough perseverance to back it up. It’s all about committing to your choice every single day, and witnessing magic unfold in the mirror with each passing day. Dear potential client, we got this; one day at a time, one step at a time!