Ever wondered what a Structured Diet can do for you? Read Prateek Shah’s transformation story to find out.

A good student in school AND a player on his high school’s cricket team – Prateek Shah was what people call an “all-rounder”.

Prateek’s days were spent in the company of books and the rest of the time was spent playing cricket. In 2008, he was a strapping lad who didn’t really need to make an effort to be fit. In fact, he didn’t even bother about it – playing cricket for his high school team ensured that he burnt off any excess calories.

But then, he had to take a break for his 12th Board exams. No more cricket tournaments, no more rigorous training camps. Plus, as everyone knows, exam stress brings on the munchies!

No exercise and a bad diet. Add to that a disturbed sleep cycle and soon, the inevitable happened – the former fitness freak turned into a 95-kilo couch potato!

Alarmed by this, Prateek started going to gym. But with no one to guide him and faced with a complete lack of motivation, he soon realized this was not going to work out for someone quite as lazy as himself.

That’s when he discovered running.

Even though he could barely run 1.5 kms at a stretch, Prateek found that running made him happy. It cleared his head and made him feel better. So, he persevered.

Along the way, he discovered what would become the most powerful tool in his fitness arsenal – The Structured Diet!

Prateek understood the importance of the old adage “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”. He gave up rice, sweets, ice creams and fizzy drinks – a huge deal for a teenager like himself! He also stopped eating food at restaurants and started eating only home cooked food. This way, he was able to calculate the macros for every meal and stay on track.

He followed this regime of running, bodyweight exercises and a structured diet very strictly and it paid off in a big way: in just 6 months, Prateek managed to lose 25 kilos!

But perhaps, more importantly, Prateek realized something important: no matter how big the hurdle before you, if you can overcome that monster in your head, you’re 80% closer to achieving your goal.

The remaining 20% is all about the 3 D’s – Discipline, Dedication & Determination. This applies to every facet of your life. Once you think in your head that ‘YOU CAN’, then very soon ‘YOU WILL’ get to where you want to be!

Today, Prateek is a confident & happy young man who is not just physically healthy but also mentally fit.

His journey from fat to fit has been an incredible one and all of us at Fitmag & SQUATS wish him all the best!