Exercise anytime, anywhere


A spark is all it requires to build that interest towards fitness lifestyle and the consistency of our fitness journey is something very important for each of us who decides to take in charge of their life and work towards achieving their goal in mind. In order to keep this spark on and enhance into flames of action, we do plan it so perfectly from timings of our gym to the perfection in nutrition perfectly and packing our boxes for the day.

All set, and journey is smooth with progress, isn’t it?

Really? At least not for everyone.

A short business trip with a luxurious 5-star hotel room, trip to grandma’s home, gym under renovation, no fitness center nearby and a nomadic work life or a long time visit to hometown as some of the nightmares faced by one or the other person and any decision that you make towards these will definitely affect your workout regime and there you go, a storm has hit that fitness spark of yours and no more flame of action.

Wait a minute! Why don’t you take this as a break or a vacation, chill out and start fresh again?

The ugly truth is life is a viscous cycle, this is going to happen again and again just the way karma wants it.

Definitely reasons like travel and lack of gym can always set a back step towards your journey and in fact most of us derail from the track completely ending dejected, guilty and de-motivated.

Let’s not let that happen again, trust me vacation or business trip, hotel room or your bedroom,

It doesn’t matter.

Exercise can be fun anywhere, anytime!

All you need is a small space, your body, a mindset to adapt to any environment and stick to your routine.

Let me give you some ideas on ways that you could perform fun built workouts in different aspect.


Body Weight Workouts:



A simple introduction to Body weight workouts is simply the meaning that you utilize yourself as the equipment to burn fat. Latest research says that the ability to achieve fat loss condition as prominent as strength training achieved from a single session in your gym. The key is to involve in High intensity Circuit training (HICT). HICT is not a new concept, but recently this has been uprising and utilized in CrossFit and various sports training techniques. The key to plan a best body-weight workout is to design a workout schedule with high intensity capabilities with medium strength requirement at a shorter time frame. This means all you need to do is spend a steaming to 20 minutes (beginner) to 45 minutes (advanced).  Another key factor to build such intense workout plan is to design the workouts with opposing muscle to obtain the overall time under tension. Let me break this down little more simple in explanation. Let’s say our first workout is push ups of 15 counts, this should be followed by a 15 counts of body weight squats to achieve the overall effects and also a shorter time frame for the resting muscles to recover. Combining few more workouts in such fashion and repeating them into various sets serves the idea of HICT and voila! That’s how you spend the 20 mins, sweat dripping guaranteed!

Check out the below plan to give you an idea of how a body weight circuit workout will look like if you are a beginner.

Follow any single circuit a day, best way to perform them is by finishing each a circuit in a single flow and take rest for 2 mins. Repeat the circuit for 4 sets. Choice a different circuit each day and feel free to design new one as per the workouts you choose.  Make sure you always began your workouts with proper stretches to enjoy the efforts even after completing your session.

Try them out, definite burn guaranteed!


Circuit 1

Time Circuit 2 Time


30secs Wall sit


Bodyweight squats

30secs Diamond pushups


Power boat or V-ups

30secs Mountain climbers 30secs


30secs Reverse crunches


Tricep dips 30secs Towel triceps extensions


Planks 30secs Jumping squats


Jumping jacks 30secs Side planks

30secs each side


Resistance band workouts:
akshitaThese are the best home gym you can get ever. This type of workout is basically for strength training lovers, who don’t want to miss their pumps even during their travel or day off from the gym.  Resistance band are basically elastic rubbers with different tensions which can act as your weights for any muscle you work out. Little creativity can add magic to your workout session. The ability of the stress-strain concept of the resistance (rubber) band, gives its adverse effect towards contraction and extension of the muscles to a certain extent. This means you get the feel of workout pump little less compared to conventional strength training at the gym. However, when combining the utilities of resistance band with circuit training concept, can definitely add advantage to your session by training your strength and endurance capability.

Check out the workout plan below; try to perform 10 to 25 reps in a set combining them with 4 to 5 sets for best effects from the workout plan. Also feel free to make your own creative schedules to make things more interesting as per your level of efficiency. The key idea is to use stronger bands in each sets as they are available in different tension and thus can help in making the workout super challenging.





Chest: (choose anyone)

  • Push ups
  • Chest press
  • Decline pushups

10-20 reps

legs: (choose anyone)

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • lunges

10-20 reps

Shoulders: (choose anyone)

  • military press
  • front/side raises
  • bent over reverse flyes

10-20 reps

Arms: (choose anyone)

  • Standing curls
  • Concentration curls
  • Triceps extension
  • Bent over Kick backs

10-20 reps

Back: (choose anyone)

  • Bent over rows
  • Single hand rows

10-20 reps

Abs: (choose anyone)

  • Band Assisted sit-ups
  • Kneeling crunch

25 reps


Workout is fun, it is supposed to be session of enjoyment. But unfortunately we humans are a matter of habit addicted creature and anything outside our routine makes us to sacrifice our any of the daily activities and that’s what happens when we end up travelling or for some reason unable to go to gym for a while. The necessity here is to evolve as a person who believes in self and ready to overcome situations, like the control that time and surroundings throw at us as tantrum to test our consistency.

It’s all about how badly you want it and love to involve in workouts irrespective of equipment’s and techniques. Combining the basic principle of well-structured nutrition plan along with such creative and intense workout plans can always make your day the merrier than ever.

So keep sweating, no matter where you are because

Exercise can be done anywhere, anytime

All you need is you.


Article Credits – Vinoth Vaitheeswaran