Facing a fat-loss plateau? Let Gauri’s story inspire you !

There has been an awakening of the fitness culture all around the globe and it is heartening to see so many people adopting a healthier lifestyle. People are cutting on calories, people are cutting on junk and they are sweating it out in the gym. As a result of this change, we witness many transformation stories on every social platform possible.

The latest sensation is Fat loss. People have defied expectations, people have defied circumstances by losing 30-40 kilos in a matter of months. Kudos to them.

But, there are those who start a fat loss journey, but after initially losing a few pounds, the numbers on their weighing scales do not move. They get stuck and how! Many in recent times have been complaining about hitting a fat loss plateau.

If that is the case with you, you should read this transformation journey of ‘Gauri Joshi’ which tells us how she emerged victorious in countering her fat loss plateau.


Gauri Joshi, a mother of two children and a working professional, lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is a woman who shoulders so many responsibilities at once. About one and a half years ago, she started her fitness journey. Her initial weight was around 82 kilos. She followed several diets, which were in a calorie deficit. She worked out really hard in the gym and in a matter of a few months, she brought her weight down to 69 kilos. But then, she got stuck at this weight. The problem was that her nutrition plan was not quantified and also the calories that she consumed were way too less. As a result, she did lose weight in an aggressive manner, but her metabolism also dropped quickly. Due to quick metabolic adaptation and an ultra-low calorie diet, she hit a fat loss plateau. She was stuck on the same weight for 9-10 months. Obviously, in such situations, anybody will lose their motivation to workout and go on a diet. We all go by the fact that ‘change is the only motivation’.


One of Gauri’s friends introduced her to the SQUATS Facebook group. She was inspired by thousands of transformations on the group and decided to give it a try. In September 2018, she enrolled with one of the coaches. She chose Kshitij Roy as her mentor and decided to work on her goal. She followed a structured nutrition plan from there on with adequate protein content in her diet. Because her metabolism had taken a good hit, she first had to restructure it by eating sufficient calories in the first few weeks (around 2000). Her weight did not increase much as she worked out on a consistent basis.

After a few weeks, her calories were cycled. For example, if she had to consume an average of 1500 calories in a span of 10 days, she consumed 1200 calories and 1800 calories on alternate days. She continued with the process for the remaining weeks.

Gauri was very consistent with the workout despite having the responsibilities of her family. She used her office’s gym to manage the time. At the end of her tenure with Kshitij (12 weeks in total), Gauri had brought down her weight from 69 kilos to 65 kilos. Her strength was enhanced and she had achieved her target.

This transformation story is not big on numbers, but it is highly recommended for those who are facing the same issue i.e. fat loss plateau for months. Her story goes on to prove that if you are following a structured diet, designed according to your specific goals, you will surely see results. Of course, the time that it is going to take will vary from person to person and that’s because of a lot of factors such as diet history, workout frequency, and metabolism. But, the bottom line is that if you are looking for a change and are persistent and scientific in your approach, then nothing is going to stop you. All you need is a bit of awareness and education. If not that, you can always hire a good coach who can guide you through the process.

We at FITMAG, congratulate Gauri for this personal victory and wish her all the best for her fitness journey in future. To all the people reading this, we encourage you to educate yourself about fitness and nutrition because the knowledge can always help you surpass your own limits. All the best.