FAT BURNERS – Know them before you blindly use them.

One of the most popular supplements today are “fat burners”.

The globe is drowned in obesity & very often I have seen people using this supplement in an effort to lose weight. So, do you really need these magic pills? Before coming to that, let’s take a look at what it is.

Most of the Fat Burners contain mostly the same ingredients:

Ephedrine, caffeine & aspirin.
Ephedrine – is one of the four active components of the herb ephedra. It is able to induce fat loss via increasing the amount of fat available for fuel as well as increasing heat expenditure. It can increase metabolic rate by some extent upto 5%. But it does have some side effects & mostly is banned in some country.

Caffeine – is a stimulatory compound extracted from coffee beans. It causes alertness & wakefulness. Helps to workout for longer duration. Now this is obtainable from a normal cup of black coffee. You don’t really need a fat burner for this. But then again, it’s a matter of dosage strength and convenience.

Aspirin – in recent times, scientists have found that aspirin can also activate an enzyme known as AMPK which is key regulator of cell metabolism that help to burns fat.

Our body also increases energy expenditure by thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis – When we exercise our body generates some heat in the process. Even eating and digestion does that up to a certain extent. This is thermogenesis – “heat generation”.
Thermogenesis helps body to burn fat by activating fat cells to be used for energy.
Some fat burners also add green tea extract to increase thermogenesis.
Although it accounts for hardly 5% of your metabolic rate.

Question is, is it worth?
Hardly so. But then again, it depends on your goal.
If you are at 8% body fat and want to reach 5%, probably it would help. But if you are obese and want to burn fat using fat burners, it will hardly make any difference. Better focus on your nutrition and your workout.

-Vijay Tambi