Fitmag April 2018

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I was in my late teens when I saw this guy on the big screen. A skinny fellow, with the boy-next-door looks, who my then girlfriend had a crush on. Obviously I was jealous of him. Today we are featuring him on Fitmag as our cover model and I’m still jealous of him!

Ruslaan Mumtaz has been taking fitness seriously in his life after the big screen now. We bring his story to you, up close and unedited!

Welcome to the April issue of Fitmag where we explore several different topics on health, nutrition, exercise and food to help you get fitter each day.

In this issue, our brilliant writers and mentors talk about most of your basic Summer Know-hows – about electrolytes, water intake, water retention, heat strokes, food allergies and intolerance – and we also bring to you the Ultimate Beach Body workout for both men and women, so you can notch up the heat quotient and sizzle on the beach!

Also, Congrats to our LitFest winners whose articles have been featured on this issue of FITMAG.

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Dev Biswas

Editor-in-Chief, FITMAG