FITMAG – April 2017

As the world was celebrating World Health Day this month clad in the theme of Depression, we were reading stories about an unfortunate depression-led incident here in India. It’s time to speak up about the unspoken.

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We’ve remained ignorants for far too long now. We’ve been drowned in myths and pseudo-science for far too long. Depression should be talked about, identified and supported, not locked away in the store-room of ignorance. Mental health is an important aspect that should be addressed.

As Fitmag family, let’s pledge today to fight depression in our society by learning about it, identifying it and working together to fight it.

All it needs is a hug, a few words of comfort and a smile. Go ahead. Care a little today!

Continuing the ritual of educating you all about health and fitness backed by latest researches and science, I welcome you to the April issue of Fitmag which has some amazing pieces that you’d treasure forever in your quest to learn about your own body.

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Take Care!

Dev Biswas,

Editor in Chief,