Fitmag August

Over seven decades of independence for our country and here we are, debating if we are truly free.
Today let the pessimism take a back seat and let us see where we have truly come, what we’ve truly achieved, thanks to the selfless freedom fighters who gifted us this day today.

The way I see it, we are still a young nation and we have indeed achieved great feats in such a small period of time. From being a nation of tears and struggles to a nation which walks shoulder to shoulder with the global giants, from a nation which was suppressed and looted for centuries to a nation which is giving back to the world, we have come a long way into the 21st century where India doesn’t just represent camels and spices anymore, but Chandrayaan and Miss World and Miss Universe. The world may see us as a third world country where rape is the talk of every newspaper and news channel, but things are changing, and so are people.

A fraction of the population and their wrongdoings cannot define us as a nation, we are better than that. The majority of the population defines the nation, and I still see hope when I look at my surroundings. People are good, they are doing their best, and that’s what matters. You do your best, and together, the country will do its best! You free yourself from the shackles of limiting thoughts and ideas, and the country will be free. You be independent, and so will the country be. We will truly be free when we can get rid of the notions that exist and free ourselves from the herd mentality where everyone is living a copied life that the other has copied from someone else who has again copied the same. We can truly be free when we see who each of us are, for real. We can truly be free when we achieve our highest potential, and that can only happen if we are willing to let go of chains that bind us, and dare to jump into the unknown with faith.

We are back with another issue of Fitmag to free you from the chains of myths that surround us, that pushes us towards diseases, obesity and to stay limited behind our limited understanding of fitness and food. We are here, yet again, to free you from the misinformation that prevails with content created for you that will help you reach your true potential and make yourself, INDEPENDENT.

I wish you a very happy Independence Day!
Be true to yourself, be true to the nation!

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Dev Biswas