“I want to lose 10 kg. If I do, I’ll ease out on my hypertension, my cholesterol and maybe even my PCOD will be okay. I want to, but I can’t. My work demands most of my time. I need to eat out. And I can’t make time for workout”

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This is exactly what she told me a few months back. Today, she’s a completely changed individual, who her colleagues and even family find hard to recognize today. And all those health issues? Well, almost zero. So, what changed? Priorities. That’s all.

Yes, fitness isn’t a luxury that only free people can afford. It’s a necessity that you will have to prioritize and make time and eort for. And the last FitMag issue of 2016, is exactly on that!

So let’s learn all about the dreaded balancing act, between fitness and work-life, the secrets to hacking your mind to do so, some brilliant topics of nutrition and exercise science and about how to keep your precious health, always precious.

Oh, and did I mention that we have an exclusive interview with Rupali Krishnarao of Koyelaanchal fame?

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