Fitmag December 2017

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Here’s the Winter Special issue of Fitmag!
In Fitmag December issue, we wind up the year with another super inspiring transformation story of Arpit Pipersaniya, whose determination and grit took him from 109 to 63 kgs! We also bring all you training enthusiasts the real deal – the secret ‘how-to’ of training your glutes and skyrocketing your muscle gains through blood flow occlusion training.
We have tips and tricks for those who’re worried about veering from the diet during festivities, and the best bonus is the Zevic Jingle Bells contest where we have, not one, but two winners with their fabulous sugarless recipes! Remember to check out Santa in the Humour Section, and of course, I come with a Santa hat too! All this and more in Fitmag December just for you.
This winter, as we turn another page in our Fitmag story, let’s resolve to turn a new leaf and step up the grind. For nothing is more important that your health and happiness!
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Season’s Greetings,
Dev Biswas