Here comes February, and here comes the twelfth issue of Fitmag.

As always, Fitmag brings along with it fresh new insights into Fitness, Health and wellbeing, to educate you with all you need to know to keep yourself in your best shape possible!

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You’d be surprised to know how many people around you can have Eating Disorders. In this issue, we have covered an article on Eating Disorders, we’ve talked about how you should choose your training partner, we’ve even talked about importance of sleep and have covered the topic everyone is curious about – Gut Health.
While education is our motto, so is bringing Real People, Real stories to you. We recognize and acknowledge dedication and achievements. Do check out our cover model who is an upcoming athlete and has won several titles. And the transformation of the month, whom you chose to don the winning crown.


Hope you’ll like this issue as much as we liked making it.

Take Care!
Till next month, Stay Fit and Stay Healthy!

Dev Biswas,

Editor-in-Chief, Fitmag