My gym had 70 new registrations this New Year. Today, hardly after 20 days, 50% of those 70 people have stopped coming. And this is the scenario almost every year. Every beginner goes through the dilemma of keeping up with their efforts towards their health which more often than not, ends up nowhere. So what is the problem here? Broadly, there are 2 main chains attached to you, weighing you down, that keeps you from moving ahead – 1) Lack of knowledge, or information overload and 2) Lack of motivation. So how do you deal with that? Two simple solutions for two problems – Proper education, away from the myths and information overload surrounding you, and real people who have come from where you are today, into the world of possibilities, to show you that even you can do it. That’s where motivation comes from when you can relate to it.

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The Beginner’s special, January issue of FitMag 2017 focuses on beginners who are having a hard time keeping up with their new year resolution of good health and staying fit.

With the transformation story of a common man to why you should start with mixed body workout, from learning about the post-workout body ache to add avocados to your diet, you’ll learn a lot of basic nutrition and training topics in this issue.
Do not forget to read about Fat Burners and why you should rather avoid them. Also, Brad talks about the things he wishes he knew when he was a beginner. Definitely worth a read!

Go ahead! Get one step closer to leaving your beginner tag behind and learning about things that will help you be fitter, healthier every day.

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Oh, and did I tell you that India’s largest Transformation Challenge is just around the corner?
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Dev Biswas
Editor-in-Chief, FITMAG