FITMAG – July 2016

Hello and welcome to our July issue! Everyday there are new diets and training programs that lure you into spending your time and energy into them. Rarely though are they worth your time and effort.

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This month we feature Calisthenics and the Bio-Rhythm Diet. They are both functional and worth their weight in gold!

We have been associated with Menno Henselmans long enough to know that whatever he preaches is backed by solid evidence and tons of research. Surprise awaits you as you go through his article in this months issue. After reading it you will win all arguments with your friends and colleagues about why Bodybuilding is the best pursuit in Fitness and Health. Hats off Menno!!

We also have an amazing story in the Transformation of the Month where a person did not just go from Fat to Fit but completely changed his lifestyle and attitude about food.

Some of us want to undertake this journey by ourselves while others are sceptical of ‘wasting’ more money behind what they now consider a ‘lost cause’. Please consider the fact that like you cannot give up on life, neither should you give up on Health. There are many who have transformed themselves and several hundreds are now on their way to learn about proper Nutrition and Fitness principles by enrolling into our Academy. It is never too late to begin. You just have to leave your past behind and dive into this journey with us!!

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Until next month..

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy.