FITMAG July 2018 – The Sports & Athletics Issue

60 power-packed pages. Featuring the one and only Shweta Rathore on the cover!

All Work and No Play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy.

Yes, you should have taken that advice seriously when you were 4 years old. Sadly most of our “games” are fixed on LCD screens in this digital era today.

Sport and Athletics have a very important role in completing the Fitness Circle in any person’s life. Fitness is always holistic. While strength, agility, flexibility, power, etc are individual elements in fitness, sports certainly is the king of activities since it combines all these elements and gives your body the “complete” stimulation that it needs to develop these elements, not just individually but together. So here’s our advice for the month – Go out and Play!

The July issue talks about sports and athletics along with other important areas in Fitness.

And to grace the issue, we have none other than the fitness diva, Shweta Rathore who shares her fitness story with us.

Hope you enjoy this issue. Our team looks forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

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Stay Fit! Stay Active!
Dev Biswas