FITMAG June 18 issue – The Anti-Ageing Issue

Featuring Sonali Swami on our 60-page loaded June issue of the magazine.

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Here’s an interesting question: What makes us undeniably human?

The answer is Change. And the most hard-hitting change that happens to us in life is Ageing. Over thousands of years, many have died in quest of the elixir of youth, the magic that guarantees eternal life and eternal beauty. But it was never to be found, except in fantasy novels and sci-fi movies, perhaps.

But think about it again, and you’ll find that we do have the elixir inside ourselves. And this potent magic that fights against the ravages of age is – Fitness.

Fitness of the Mind and the Body. Fitness that guarantees that we are better than the best we can be at every stage in life.

In this issue, we speak of how age is just a matter of numbers, and how we can beat Sarcopenia (the loss of strength with advancing age) with a focus on eating right and treating the body right.

We feature on the cover an iconic figure – Sonali Swami – who has precisely shown us how easy it is to beat this number game, even when you’re 4 decades down! Read her story and the story of three inspiring quinquagenarians (50 plus-year-olds) who’ve aged not only gracefully, but with undiminished strength, substance, and oodles of style as well!

So, if ever you thought of throwing in the towel and sitting back to nurse your aching joints, here’s an issue that you should read from cover to cover, to find the motivation to keep you going.

Smooth sailings!

Loads of Love!

Dev Biswas


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