FITMAG – June 2017

Modern human civilization has come a long way in a very less amount of time. To be exact, in 2.6 million years of human existence, the last 1000 years has brought humanity to such a pivotal ground that today, we possess the power to either change the world completely, or to annihilate it down to dust.

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Here’s where the importance of a community with a common belief system comes into play that can truly change the world for the better. In our case, it’s getting rid of every single problem that a compromised lifestyle has brought down upon us. It’s to plant the seeds of knowledge of health and fitness amongst us and to make it grow into a worldwide phenomenon that can one day truly make us better than we are. With the rains of monsoon, I welcome you all to the June issue of Fitmag. The motto as usual, is to simplify complex science of Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Training into takeaway treasures that even a child can understand. We hope that the inspiring stories we strive to bring to you do help you find a better version of you, with every word you read through, in these monthly magazines and the web-blog on This month too, we have interesting content to educate you and to break long-existing myths that will help you take care of your fitness regime better.

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